Appointment and Referral Information

  • Request or change an appointment:

    Please call (305) 296 2242

  • Registration forms

    Our new kiosk-based registration makes registration fast and easy. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.

  • Previous xrays and scans are necessary

    For your first visit, Dr. DeGroot requests that you obtain all of the previous xrays you have had taken of the area in question, including plain x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and bone scans.
    The actual images are required, not just the reports. CD-ROM's containing your images are fine. Please make sure all your images are with you so we can help you better.

  • You will need a referral to see us

    Many new patients require a referral, sometimes an "out of network referral" is required. A referral is an insurance process you must complete with your insurance company. Please ask your primary care physician to arrange the referral before you arrive!

  • Don't get stuck with the bill!

    Having your physician's office call us for an appointment is not the same as getting a referral. A referral is a process whereby your visit to see us is approved by your insurance plan. Without this referral, your insurance plan won't pay for your care and you get left holding the bill!