Our policy in regards absence from work.

Persons who find they cannot work due to medical problems should be promptly examined by a doctor and their work status should be discussed with that doctor.

We do not normally provide medical excuses for work absences of more than a few days that occurred prior to your first visit with us. You will need to have some other doctor provide that paperwork.

In addition, if your work status changes during treatment by Dr. DeGroot, make sure you have discussed the issue with us prior to requesting that we certify your absence.

After your operation by Dr. DeGroot, you may need time off from work to recover. Dr. DeGroot will provide the paperwork necessary for these absences.

Our policy in regards disability.

Please be advised that Dr. DeGroot considers it his goal to reduce your disability if possible, and return you to full function, including returning you to full work duty.

Disability insurance carriers require lengthy forms, frequent examinations for certifying disability, re-certification by the doctor every few months, and more. These tasks can easily occupy the doctor and his office staff full time, leaving no time to actually treat patients. There are many doctors who specialize in this process who are better able to handle disability related issues.

For these reasons, we have severely limited our participation in the disability process. Please notify our staff if you have disability related issues so that we can fully inform you of our policies regarding medical disability