Want to get fit without the foot and ankle pain?

The long winter has finally given way to warmer temperatures, and now it's time to go out and get back in shape. Don't let problems with yor feet ruin your summer fun!

You can reduce your risk of foot and ankle problems this summer.

Risk Factors for Ankle Sprains:

Ankle sprians are one of the most common injuries. In the USA 35,000 ankle sprains are treated in the ER every day! Research shows that balance plays a key role in ankle sprain risk. The better your balance, the lower your risk. Simply balancing on each leg, 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, is enough to make a difference.

Good balance can help you avoid foot and ankle injuries. Simple balance exercises can reduce your risk.
Be careful not to get sunburn on your feet!

Malignant melanoma is a skin cancer that may be caused by excessive exposure to the sun or to tanning lights. Malignant melanoma on the foot and ankle may go unnoticed, and as a concequence it may be discovered at a more advanced stage. Fair skin and blistering sunburns before age 18 are risk factors for malignant melanoma.

Melanoma, a form of cancer, can occur on the feet due to sun exposure. Apply adequate sunblock to your feet, and protect your feet from too much sun.

Treatment of Ankle and Foot Injuries and Tumors

Ankle sprains and ankle fractures need to be carefully examined within a few days to make sure that the joint is stable and that walking on the injured part will not result in further damage.  X-rays are often helpful in order to diagnose subtle fractures.

Fractures of the foot and ankle are classified as nondisplaced or displaced.  Nondisplaced injuries are where the bones remain perfectly aligned despite the fracture.  For these injuries, minimally invasive nonsurgical treatments are often the best choice.  However, for displaced fractures, surgical treatment with precise realignment ofthe bones and application of pins and plates to hold the bones while they heal is still the best choice.  Some fractures and injuries of the ankle and foot injuries can be treated with new minimally invasive procedures.

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