Our Olympic Athletes

Dr. DeGroot has taken care of Olympians past, present, and future. These Olympians have very kindly allowed us to use their names and stories.

Ilya Kulik on his way to the Gold in the Winter Olympics of 1998.

Men's Gold Medal Figure Skater - Nagano Winter 1998
Ilya Kulik, was the men's figure skating gold medalist from the 1998 winter games in Nagano, Japan. Ilya completed an awe-inspiring series of jumps in a program that included eight triple jumps and a massive quadruple toe loop on his way to a near perfect preformance that clinched him the gold medal.

The Greek Football Federation recruited American soccer players of Greek origin to fill their women's soccer team in 2004.

Women's Olympic Soccer - Athens Summer 2004
In the Athens summer games of 2004, several of our best and brightest young women's soccer stars were recruited by the Greek Women's team to fill vacancies in their roster. Despite the differences in language and minimal time to practice as a squad, the team came together well and played hard.

The Marine Corps Cross-County Running team trains for the summer games in Beijing 2008

Men's Cross Country - Beijing Summer 2008
Serving in the Iraq war has not stopped this Walpole native from reaching for his dream: A spot on the 2008 men's Olympic running team for the Beijing 2008 summer games. He trains in the heat and blowing sand of the deserts of Kuwait, running over rocks instead of roads. His suprisingly fast times have earned him a chance to try out for the team and a shot at the gold medal.

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