Time out for recovery

In today's fast-paced world, no one has any time for "down time." We would all like to have our surgery on Thursday, take a long weekend to recover, and be back at our desk or at the gym on Monday. We have all seen advertisements for miracle technologies and we have all heard stories of overnight recoveries.

Sound a bit too good to be true? Well, it is. Despite the fact that minimimally invasive techniques have done away with the long, slow recovery times of the past, the body still needs time to heal. In order to achieve the optimum result, we need to give it that time. It still takes 9 months to have a baby, and it still takes 6 weeks to heal a broken bone.

Dr. DeGroot will go over in detail what your schedule of return to work, to play, and to exercise will be following your surgery. He will gladly spend the extra time needed to fully explain each stage of your return to full mobility. Dr. DeGroot recommends that you try to avoid rushing the process and avoid cutting corners on your road to recovery. As the patient, it is important that you plan for the necessary time off from work and away from sports that will be needed to assure your recovery.