What happens on the day of surgery?
Your experience begins the day the surgery is scheduled. We can work with you to choose a date that works with your other commitments.  
Most patients will require a pretesting visit to the Henderson Surgery Center at Newton Wellesley Hospital, but some may be able to complete this task by telephone.  
On the day of surgery you come to the Henderson Center at the appointed time. We usually require you to be in pre-op one hour before the procedure.  
General anaesthesia, spinal, epidural and regional anaesthesia are all good choices. The anaesthesia staff will go over the choices with you. Local anaesthesia is usually not adequate for orthopedic procedures.  
The procedure takes from 40 to 120 minutes in most cases. Your family or friend is given a beeper so we may conact them when you are in recovery.  
You awaken in the recovery area, attended by a skilled nurse. If your condition permits, your family member or friend may be able to come visit briefly.  
If you need training to use crutches or other physical therapy in order to be safe at home, the therapist meets with you in the day surgery discharge area..  
If you are going home, you are supplied with all of the prescriptions and instructions you will need. A detailed pain management plan is set up for your comfort  
. If you are staying overnight, you go to the orthopedic floor of the hospital.